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FORMAT development

Put the whole country in one living room. Partner with Megaphone to develop play-from-home, full length interactive shows.

  • Polished interactive formats ready for production today (contact us for show sizzle reels)

  • Co-development of new formats, from game shows to competition and reality

  • Addition of interactivity and game mechanics to formats currently in development

  • 360 sponsorship integration, in studio, on mobile, and on TV


Add interactive television segments to any live or pre-recorded show. Choose from Megaphone's existing library or ask us to develop your own.

General Entertainment: Quiz

Fast-paced mini game show

Sports: Inter-wrap-tive

Post-game wrap-up show

Politics & News: Hot Seat

Town hall / debate with audience moderation


Put your viewers into any show with Megaphone's turn-key "interactives": live graphics that respond to viewer inputs in show, in advertising breaks, and in social media. Available products include:

In Show



Pic Pick
Hot or Not 
Guess Gauge 
Five Stars



Fair or Foul
Play of the Game
Full Count (Baseball)
Power Play (Hockey)
4th and Goal (Football)
At the Line (Basketball)
Shots Fired (Soccer)


Feet to the Fire
Approval Rating 


talk show

Talk Show

Face Off
Mood Meter
Horse Race 

reality ▸


Dunk Tank
Did You Know? 


compeTition ▸


First Past the Post
Keep Alive


Retail Locator
Jelly Bean Jar
Click to Call
Group Buy
Social Follow


Tweet to TV
Tweet to Second Screen
Tweet Along
Tweet Your Vote
Facebook to TV
Instagram to TV
Vine to TV

Second Screen

All Megaphone interactives can be aired on second screen only to provide engagement during shows or advertising breaks

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Megaphone TV is the first Participation Entertainment Studio, created to meet the rapidly changing viewing habits of consumers worldwide. Megaphone enhances the viewer experience through live personalized and targeted engagement capabilities that ultimately increase ratings and add potential revenues for broadcasters. Through unique features such as interactive on-air graphics, live syncing with broadcast content, as well as relevant and actionable ads tailored to any show, Megaphone creates an new type of experience and has successfully engaged the viewers of top broadcasters including Bravo, Fox News, E!, and AMC. Megaphone also collaborates with production studios such as Fremantle Media to develop and produce inherently interactive programs that viewers love.