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Live Trivia

The Megaphone TV participation platform allows a broadcaster to add a game show segment to any broadcast, app, or stream, or use Megaphone as a full "game show in a box."

Live Trivia products statistically build the largest audience and retain it the longest compared to any other product. Adding questions throughout a show with a few at the very end and an on-air scoreboard can keep viewership high in the final quarter hour.

Use Cases include:

  • Live Trivia in your app

  • News trivia on this week's most important events

  • Sports quiz on team trivia

  • Entertainment trivia on movie awards 

Live Trivia is a great way to recognize fans and award prizes, and Megaphone can provide full contest and prizing support (including writing 50 state legal rules all the way through to prize fulfillment).

AMC's Talking Dead Live Trivia:

TEGNA's Daily Blast Live Trivia Showdown:

CBS's All Access After Trek Trivia: