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Social Bumper

Use Cases:

  • Add moderated audience Tweets, Facebook Posts, or Instagram photos into a specially designed graphic

  • Use as a show bump or tease

  • Sponsor the experience or link with your organization’s digital properties


Tweet Your Vote

Use Cases:

  • An extension to Megaphone's standard voting mechanism, can be applied to any voting interactive

  • After a viewer votes, a Twitter pop-up immediately appears and encourages viewer to tweet

  • Use a predefined Tweet or let the user create their own

  • Viewers Tweet using their own handle

App Download

Use Cases:

  • Megaphone runs as an HTML5 presentation, but the system can trigger an App Store / Google Play link to invite the user to download your specific app

  • Can be triggered (or automated) like any other Megaphone product during a show or commercial spot


Broadcaster App Download

Use Cases:

  1. Allows users to be instantly linked to their App store of choice

  2. No App download is required, but Megaphone TV can be configured to be embedded within app and push users to download

  3. Increases and encourages audience use of the app


  • Usage

    • Quiz scores and winner list

    • Show rundown with user votes

    • Interactions per user

    • Duration of engagement

    • User count over time

    • Repeat players

    • Unique players

  • Demographics

    • In-market activity

    • Interests

    • Device/Browser

    • Location

    • Gender

    • Age

  • Conversions

    • Purchases completed

    • Apps downloaded

    • Click-to-call calls made

    • Tweets/follows/likes

    • Coupons sent/redeemed

    • Feedback submitted

    • Email signups


Use Cases:

  • Customizable text created by the show producer


Use Cases:

  • An image or video created by the show producer

  • Display on air, on second screen, or both


Feedback Form

Use Cases:

  • Gather viewer comments through a flexible form

  • Free-form text feedback for qualitative responses

  • Name, phone number, email address

  • Options for structured data: Mailing list Opt-in, Age verification, Location verification, Agreement to Terms and Conditions

  • Custom configurations available


  • “Subscribe to our mailing list for exclusive tips!”

  • “Which guest would you like to see on the next show?

Instagram to TV

Use Cases:

  1. Display your show page’s posts or harvest posts using standard search

  2. Selected posts displayed in realtime on air, with optional photo

  3. Viewers can Like the post directly on their devices

Tweet to TV

Use Cases:

  • Producers harvest tweets using Megaphone's integrated Twitter topic feed, or a standard Twitter search

  • Selected tweets displayed in realtime on air

  • Tweeter’s profile picture can be displayed

  • Viewers can Follow the Tweeter directly on their devices


  • Pulling audience reaction directly from social media mentions and hashtags

  • Displaying the twitter feed of a story's subject

Web Polls

Use Cases

  • Easy to create and embed long-term polls

  • Combine interactive poll with related story

  • Web poll results can be easily shown on air and continue for desired time after program ends

Facebook Live

Use Cases:

  1. Facebook Live Post - Appears in News Feed

  2. Question appears in Facebook Live Video Stream

  3. Voting Method 1: Controller in your website

  4. Voting Method 2: #Hashtag voting in comments

  5. Sponsor Integration

Mailing List

Use Cases:

  • Megaphone can collect viewer feedback and any relevant data after an interactive sequence has completed

  • Collect any relevant data including email addresses

  • Verify age or cable provider to target responses

  • All data collected as an .XLS spreadsheet for easy processing by producers or sales teams

Jelly Bean Jar

Use Cases:

  • A sponsored guessing game with an e-mail opt in

  • Guess a quantity based on 30-second ad creative

  • Encourages repeat viewing and commercial-break retention for a chance at multiple guesses


Click to Buy

Use Cases:

  • Send a link to an exclusive mobile shopping page for already engaged viewers

  • Scheduled and sequenced to run concurrently with existing ad creative

  • Special bug appears on-air as an alert or call to action


Use Cases:

  • Send a “viewer exclusive” coupon to viewers via e-mail, sms, mms, or Tweet

  • Overlay over existing creative; discount graphic syncs on TV and the user’s device


Mood Meter

Use Cases:

  • Analog gauge to measure the intensity level or range of a reaction

  • Highly tactile experience, feels like a stereo dial


  • Grade a performance from 1-10

Face Off

Use Cases:

  • Audience votes in a head-to-head interactive

  • Two options, each with an image


  • “Which candidate is commanding this debate?”

  • “Which team’s pitching is working better tonight?”