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Feedback Form

Use Cases:

  • Gather viewer comments through a flexible form

  • Free-form text feedback for qualitative responses

  • Name, phone number, email address

  • Options for structured data: Mailing list Opt-in, Age verification, Location verification, Agreement to Terms and Conditions

  • Custom configurations available


  • “Subscribe to our mailing list for exclusive tips!”
  • “Which guest would you like to see on the next show?

Tweet to TV

Use Cases:

  • Producers harvest tweets using Megaphone's integrated Twitter topic feed, or a standard Twitter search

  • Selected tweets displayed in realtime on air

  • Tweeter’s profile picture can be displayed

  • Viewers can Follow the Tweeter directly on their devices


  • Pulling audience reaction directly from social media mentions and hashtags
  • Displaying the twitter feed of a story's subject