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App Download

Use Cases:

  • Megaphone runs as an HTML5 presentation, but the system can trigger an App Store / Google Play link to invite the user to download your specific app

  • Can be triggered (or automated) like any other Megaphone product during a show or commercial spot


Mailing List

Use Cases:

  • Megaphone can collect viewer feedback and any relevant data after an interactive sequence has completed

  • Collect any relevant data including email addresses

  • Verify age or cable provider to target responses

  • All data collected as an .XLS spreadsheet for easy processing by producers or sales teams

Jelly Bean Jar

Use Cases:

  • A sponsored guessing game with an e-mail opt in

  • Guess a quantity based on 30-second ad creative

  • Encourages repeat viewing and commercial-break retention for a chance at multiple guesses


Click to Buy

Use Cases:

  • Send a link to an exclusive mobile shopping page for already engaged viewers

  • Scheduled and sequenced to run concurrently with existing ad creative

  • Special bug appears on-air as an alert or call to action


Use Cases:

  • Send a “viewer exclusive” coupon to viewers via e-mail, sms, mms, or Tweet

  • Overlay over existing creative; discount graphic syncs on TV and the user’s device