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Turn-Key Suite

Simple & economical option. Drop your logo and style-guide, and you are ready for interactive shows. 

Show Interactivity ▸

Audience Interactivity ▸

Viewers participate to shows via any devices, any browsers. App integration available.



Commercial Gamification ▸

Directly connecting brands and TV viewers.
Ads become playable games useful realtime surveys

Customized Commercial Redirects

Plug-in for redirecting to minisites, app download, commerce sites, geotargeted info, social media channels, etc 


Social Media On-air ▸

Display social media feeds from Twitter, Instagram, and others with other interactivities 


Commercial Gamification ▸

Producer Mode ▸

Live content update during the shows reacting to audience. A true participation entertainment.

360 Branded Entertainment ▸

360º Branded Entertainment ▸

Customizing the look and content. NBC Circus Trivia sponsored by Ringling Bros with customized game look & feel for all devices. 


Web-likeTV Analytics     ▸

Analytics Dashboard ▸

Measuring engagements for views and clicks for all devices 


Device-to-TV (Any Screens) SDK     ▸


Even more economical, for TV, conference, events, out-of-home



Experience for the Interactive live broadcast

We’ve been running NBC 4 New York Trivia during Today in New York for over a 200 consecutive weekends with zero failure having thousands of players each week.


Latency from device to on-air

It’s just like clicking a website, but with your device to on-air. note: we cannot affect the basic broadcast delay, and we are as fast as you can get in this universe!


Capacity for nationwide shows

We’ve experienced preparing for the Republican Debate poll for Fox News (3-5MM viewers) and Talking Dead (7MM viewers). We prepare as if all of them will be joining.